Crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans : How to find the right boat and crew in North America?

Crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans : How to find the right boat and crew in North America?

Crossing the oceans is a dream for a lot of people all over the world. However, many never do it because they do no know how to find a boat or if they have a boat they cannot find the right crew. In this article, we will explore why a crew finder service dedicated to North America can be the solution for both the boat owners and the crew.

How can a crew finder club help crossing the oceans?

A crew finder also called a crew seekers service allows boat owner and crew to connect, exchange sailing resumes and experience and to jump on board for a sailing adventure. If you want to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean, one of your best option is to become part a of a crew finder dedicated to North America. This kind of organization with hundreds of members will give you access to dozens of sailing opportunities, skippers and crew profiles. You will be able to communicate with other members and learn about their skills, their sailing events, their projects. If a boat owner wants to cross the ocean, he will publish a notice to find a crew with all details about his trip. Similarly, if you a crew wants to find a boat, he will publish a notice indicating his availability, skills and what he or she can bring to the table.

How to make sure this is the right opportunity for you?

We always recommend to follow few steps before you jump on a boat or before you welcome a new crew on board:

  1. Start looking for crew or boat as early as possible. Plan in advance
  2. Check the boating resumes and skills online
  3. Prefer to start talking to someone that fits your need
  4. Make sure the boat is well described with nice pictures
  5. Start exchanging messages with the other members without sharing you contact info
  6. When you are confident enough, it is best to chat on the phone or online. If you can set up an online conversation where you can see each other
  7. If you match, we advise to go on board for a short trip like an afternoon or a weekend prior to the big crossing adventure.
  8. Sail way!

What shall you tell the other member before boarding?

One very important recommendation: be honest about yourself and what you can accomplish when on board. Do not pretend to stand a night watch if you have never done it before. Crossing an ocean can be dangerous. It does not mean you cannot join a boat if you never sailed at night. Some skippers do not mind as long as you have other good experiences and skills. Here below is a list of our basic recommendations:

  • Explain what you like or dislike on a boat
  • Share your health concern if any (Do you experience seasickness?)
  • Share your food preferences or diet if it is important to you
  • Ask questions about the boat, the other crew, the skipper
  • Make sure you have enough time. A crossing can take more time than expected.

To conclude, 

A crew finder like Coboaters or VogAvecMoi are great ways to help you achieve your dream of an offshore passage. Do not hesitate to start searching for the right people and opportunity as early as possible. Introduce yourself with humility and share as many information as you can to make sure the other persons know what to expect. Ask for the same.

If you are proactive on the network, you will sail away and enjoy it!

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